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This clock of chimney represents an ancient or mythological scene. Two warriors relate to their back the dial on which is perched an eagle. The warriors are vêtus of a loincloth, their weapons are posed with their feet. On the circumference of the dial one finds the symbols of several constellations. On each side of the dial, one can see two fantastic animals: a head of wolf ending in a tail. Stranger is this empty armour driven on a beam whose helmet is muzzled (click on the armour to see an enlarging).


The 17/02/1806, France and Bade sign a treaty of alliance. To reinforce the links between the two countries, the crown prince Charles de Bade must marry a princess Frenchwoman. Napoleon adopts a niece of Joséphine, Stéphanie de Beauharnais, on March 3. On April 7, Stéphanie Bonaparte marries Charles de Bade.

With this occasion, Napoleon offers to Cambaceres a vase of Sevres representing on a side the signature of the marriage contract with Napoleon, Joséphine, Cambaceres and the two husbands; and other the following dedication: “Given by the EMPEROR at the time of the marriage of princess STEPHANIE NAPOLEON with the prince of BADEN to S.A.S. prince CAMBACERES archchancellor of the Empire.”

Detail de la scene du mariage La dedicace
Detail of the marriage The dedicacation


This furniture estampillée Riesener was delivered to the furniture depository of the Crown in December 1776 to furnish the apartment with the controller general of Taboureau Finances of Réaux (it carries the number of inventory 2885). In 1793, it reinstates the national furniture depository which assigns it a few years later to the furniture of the Executive Directory.

After Brumaire, this furniture is lent to Cambaceres to furnish the Elbeuf hotel. In 1808, Napoleon offers to Cambaceres the furniture of the Elbeuf hotel ; the furniture one is found with the Mole hotel then with the hotel of Bragelonne. After the death of Cambaceres, one loses his trace to find it among the collections of a German count. On December 16,2002, the furniture one is sold in Drouot for 750 000 €.

21/08/06 - Emmanuel Prunaux