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From 1813, Cambaceres is the subject of a denigration campaign in the form more the appraisal at the time: the caricature. Slightly repressed during the last days of the Empire, it developed in April 1814 and especially during the second Restoration under the impulse of Chateaubriant.
One currently finds about fifty these caricatures which can be classified in 3 categories: those which aim at the political role of Archchancellor (especially concerning the conscription), those which aim its taste pronounced for the gastronomy and those which aim its homosexuality and its taste of ostentation.
Here are some examples :
In the bag

Cambaceres, Napoleon and Joseph Bonaparte: the government during the French campaign.

Restitution or Chaq'un son compte

During the Congress of Vienna, Cambaceres operates his exit of the political life while passing by the door of behind.
Villevieille : “Do we Go ahead that one says it to us?”
Aigrefeuille : “But of which side?”
Cambaceres : “Follow me, I know this way”

End of the World

Napoleon side : “Hatred with the men”
Cambaceres side : “Hatred with the women”
“With them, the end of the World”

The imperial Zoo

“In the lower row, you will see a pig of Gomore (Cambaceres) whose tastes are very odd and lives in good intelligence with a dog of farmyard (Aigrefeuille) liking like him it good flesh and eating with the same trough.”
Famous digestions or Promendade in the Palais Royal
Cambaceres, Aigrefeuille and Villevieille walking in the Palais Royal.
Cabin at the Opera
Cambaceres, Aigrefeuille and Villevieille in their cabin with the Opera :
“Chut! Chut! his Highness subsided”
Small cabin or Archifou
Cambaceres in the theatre des Varietes. It tightens the arms towards the scene, where Miss Guizot, disguised as a man, turns the back to him while playing with a fifre.
Napoleon : “Dear cousin, how do you find my state?”
Cambaceres : “Lord, it cannot last, Your Majesty has a too bad constitution.”

20/08/06 - Emmanuel Prunaux